The people behind

Chris Smethie:

Mother of Courtland, married to Darrell for over 30 years. Chris and Darrell live in Palm Beach County, FL.  Chris works in Broward County, FL as a Certified Hand Therapist, and is employed at a private practice. She is the Assistant Clinical Director.


Chris founded Courtland's Connecton following the death of her son Courtland, to the disease of addiction. Her heart guided her head in the creation of Courtland's Connection.

Darrell Smethie:

Father of Courtland. Darrell works in Broward and Dade Counties. He is employed as a Security Alarm Technician based in Miramar, FL. 


Darrell helped Chris facilitate the creation of Courtland's Connection.

Edi Hernandez:

Married to Peter Corrales, and mother of Wyatt.


Edi has been a primary clinician and family therapist for the past eight years in Broward County.  She specializes in treating clients with dual diagnoses as well as those seeking a more spiritual approach to recovery.  


Edi has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida.  She holds a Master of Science degree from Barry University.