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Courtland, our only child was a spirited, energetic and cheerful little boy.  He grew up to be a handsome, loving, kind young man in what seemed like a blink of an eye.


As a child he was athletic and enjoyed playing soccer.  He loved music, he played the trombone in middle school.  Courtland was fascinated with the universe.


In college his goal was to become a firefighter-paramedic.    During his second  year in college he completed the EMS  program.


Around the time he turned twenty years old, a back injury resulted in him taking prescription pain killers to manage his pain.  This fueled a five year battle with opiate abuse and ultimately addiction.


Courtland struggled to overcome his disease.  He spent time in detox facilities and many treatment centers.  Courtland lived in halfway housing and worked seriously on his recovery.


After a brief relapse on December 27, 2011 our son Courtland passed away losing his battle with the disease of addiction.  Courtland was everything to us, we were devastated by his death and still are.  Our hearts are forever broken.  


Following his death we were lost.  We were blessed by so many people from the recovery community who loved  and supported us and helped us find a new direction.  


This is how became a reality.  We knew we wanted to give back to the recovery community. We knew we wanted to help those still struggling, by providing financial support and  opportunities for personal development.


Through our organization, Courtland’s memory will live on and his beautiful bright light will remain bright in our hearts forever.

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